Kenyan Holland Diaspora Projects

Maximizing the value of Kenyan Diaspora Project is a unique opportunity to Kenyan diaspora willing and committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise with Kenyans in their home country. This project is the result of a partnership and collaboration between Kenyan Diaspora Community in the Netherlands (KDCN) and VSO-Nederland. VSO Nederland in conjunction with KDCN is preparing a special programme giving Kenyan diaspora in the Netherlands the opportunity to work as volunteers in their home country for a period of 3 or 6 months.

Aim of this programme is to support the more vulnerable groups in Kenya and give them a chance to gain knowledge from fellow Kenyans. Secondly with this programme we hope to involve the Kenyan diaspora more in development issues and enhance the link between diaspora communities and development organizations. Volunteers work in partnership with existing local organizations. To support colleagues’ development as closely as possible, volunteers work directly with the local employers, reporting to a local manager. As a VSO volunteer, one works on specific objectives, just as they do in their usual working life. This enables volunteers and the employer to assess progress, and provides a sense of achievement as they meet these objectives.

Why Diaspora volunteering?

  • Volunteering gives an opportunity to share the knowledge gained abroad with other Kenyans back home
  • One can contribute to the development of home country in various capacities
  • It is a unique opportunity to contribute or influence change in the home country
  • On can gain a wealth of professional experience and new skills that open new possibilities in the Dutch and international labour market